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up to $84,000/year per 30 seats.

And Save $500 or More in Monthly Inbound Calling & Delivery Fees


Done for You
Restaurant Digital Marketing,
Restaurant CRM,
AI Restaurant Incoming Call & Phone Order Genius
& Online Ordering Platform

Our AI Digital Marketing Platform works with any POS or Online Ordering System.

Our AI Restaurant Incoming Call & Phone Order Genius can be stand alone.

Learn to "do it yourself", and get $1000 in free custom social media marketing content at the end.

Client Results

Our Unique Approach:
The 360° AI + Human + Algorithm
Restaurant Revenue Accelerator

Not your ordinary restaurant marketing. It's AI-driven, fixed by algorithm and human-optimized.

Combining advanced artificial intelligence with human expertise, and our proprietary restaurant algorithm, we ensure our custom email, and daily Facebook/Instagram content will resonate with your audience and stay authentic to your brand while generating $7000/month or more sales.

No More Staff Interruptions by Incoming Nuisance Phone Calls or Phone Orders with AI Restaurant Phone Genius

Tired of having your staff run to the phone only to hear, "What time are you open till tonight?", or "Do you have Vegan options?", or "Do you have a kids menu?"

Our AI Agent can take care of all your incoming calls, INCLUDING TAKING PHONE ORDERS, freeing up your staff to handle customers. You pay only for the minutes it works, unlike a human. It saves you $300/month or more over costs right from day 1.

BONUS: Stops telemarketing calls, protects the owner, and prevents lost sales front of house due to wait staff on the phone or distracted by it.

Online Menu Item Description Magic
Avg. Order Size Jumps 30%

Without a single new customer coming in your door, you can increase your average online order by 10 to 30%

By simply re-writing your restaurant online ordering menu item names and descriptions to be more delicious, the average restaurant will see their online order average sale increase 10% to 30%. What if you changed your Dine-in Menu too? Ai + Human excels at this.

rewrite online ordering menu item descriptions to see average order increase 10 to 30%
Learn to "do it yourself", and get $1000 in free custom social media marketing content at the end.

Immediate Action for Immediate Impact

We hit the ground running. Your Ai Restaurant Marketing engine starts immediately.

From the moment you engage with us, our teams dive into crafting your bespoke social media posts and email newsletters, ensuring a swift boost in your restaurant’s visibility.

Have a restaurant customer database? We will jump right into a custom email, text message, Facebook, and instagram campaign to bring your customers in on your slowest day!

Social Media Kickstart
Direct Traffic Up 21%

30 tailor-made social media posts to amplify your online presence.

Dive into the digital realm with DAILY Facebook and Instagram posts tailored to highlight your menu items and restaurant ambiance. These aren’t generic posts; they’re made for you.

Modifiers Mystery Solved Online Ordering Sales Jump 15%

restaurant modifiers done by Ai can increase average online order sales by 15%

Ai restaurant marketing involves many things, and this one is brilliant.

Our Ai + Human restaurant marketing engine can take your entire menu and modifiers and give you a new way to structure modifiers to drive up to 15% more sales. Add this to menu item rewrites…

CRM: Your Restaurant Sales Growth Powerhouse

Proprietary programs for friction-free data collection and promotions to increase sales.

Our Restaurant CRM functions, including The Bite, The Check-in, and The Detour, streamline your restaurant customer data collection. They capture dine-in and take-out email and mobile data effortlessly, optimizing your Ai restaurant marketing reach.

Learn to "do it yourself", and get $1000 in free custom social media marketing content at the end.

SEO and Web Presence Power-Up
Direct Web Traffic up 32%

Enhanced online visibility with SEO-optimized content.

Beyond social media, we enrich your digital footprint with a Google profile revamp, engaging blog posts, backlinks, and even captivating videos – all to make your restaurant shine online.

Content Philosophy

Engage, don't hard-sell. We blend entertainment with strategic promotion.

Our posts entertain and engage, avoiding the hard-sell approach. By incorporating fun facts about your menu items or ingredients, we keep your audience hooked and returning for more.

The Power of Email Marketing
for Restaurants
1 Email 30% Increase in Days Sales

Maximize Return on Investment (ROI), with targeted email promotions.

With every $1 spent on email marketing returning a staggering $37, our strategies harness this power to its fullest, contrasting the $1.78 return from social media channels.

Ready to transform your restaurant's revenue?

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Learn to "do it yourself", and get $1000 in free custom social media marketing content at the end.

AI + Human: The Best of Both Worlds

Crafting superior content with AI insights and human precision.

Our AI generates creative content tailored to your restaurant. This content is then refined by our system to remove inaccuracies before undergoing a human review, ensuring content quality and authenticity.