Sorry, for Restaurant Owners Only

In 30 minutes, we will share how 5 simple AI Restaurant Marketing Strategies can help YOU or your restaurant’s current social media team
get more customers into your restaurant, increase your restaurant sales by $1500 or more per month, and save $500 or more on delivery fees.

The best part is, the strategies are so simple that you can do them yourself, or even get your staff to do them for you.

SUPER BONUS: If you are a Canadian restaurant, for a limited time, have the government give you $2400 to have it done for you and all up front and monthly costs taken care of for 6 months! 

You will learn about these 5 strategies:

~ First. Boost online orders by 30%.
~ Second. Optimize Google profiles in 10 minutes to maximize traffic.
~ Third. Triple social media impact.
~ Fourth. Cut delivery fees over $500 per month.
~ Fifth. Increase monthly sales by $1500 dollars per 30 seats.

At the end, you can claim your gift of a Free custom written email marketing campaign to bring customers into your restaurant on your slowest day, emailed to your entire list for you.

You must show up on time, on your first scheduled day, in an environment that allows you to properly focus. Not at your restaurant manning the phones or in your car rushing around. 

This is a $499 value. Our team spends about 3 hours generating your campaign, importing your data, and scheduling it to go.

Our gift is to help the troubled yet recovering restaurant industry.