Coffee + Vanilla Café and Restaurant – A Culinary Paradise in the Heart of Coquitlam

The Coffee + Vanilla Café and Restaurant is a hidden culinary treasure in the heart of Coquitlam, which is located in the province of British Columbia. This restaurant has become a paradise for foodies who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience because of its welcoming atmosphere, extensive selection of scrumptious cuisine, and unwavering dedication to providing great service. Join us as we travel on a savory adventure and explore the rich history of Coffee + Vanilla and its delightful offerings.

A Stimulating and Enticing Ambiance

The instant you walk through the door of Coffee + Vanilla, you are immersed in an environment that oozes friendliness and allure from every corner. The combination of modern design elements and rustic touches in the café results in an atmosphere that is warm and cozy while also being aesthetically pleasant to the eye. The plush seating configurations, sophisticated design, and subdued lighting combine to create an atmosphere that is perfect for private chats, leisurely lunches, or even fruitful work sessions. Coffee + Vanilla is, as Marina Savisko so accurately puts it, “a cozy and cool cafe,” and it provides the ideal environment in which to relax and savor the delectable offerings of the culinary world.

The Coffee + Vanilla Café and Restaurant is at 1054 Austin Avenue in Coquitlam, British Columbia

The location is quite convenient and assures easy accessibility for both locals and visitors who are wanting to quench their demands for exceptional food and specialty coffee. Situated in the lively Austin Heights neighborhood, this prime location offers quick access to both.

Embracing Technology in Order to Simplify the Ordering Process

In our fast-paced world, Coffee + Vanilla recognizes the importance of providing customers with as many convenient options as possible. In order to meet the ever-changing demands of their clientele, they have implemented a cutting-edge method of placing orders online, which may be accessed through the following URL, which is specifically designated for use in Facebook posting order links: Customers are able to easily browse the menu, tailor their choices to their preferences, and submit their orders in a safe and secure manner thanks to our user-friendly platform. Coffee + Vanilla not only saves their clients money by avoiding the use of pricey pickup and delivery applications, but they also assure that their primary focus will continue to be on providing high-quality gastronomic experiences without sacrificing on the affordability of their offerings.

A Gastronomic Travelogue across Time

Coffee + Vanilla takes pleasure in its commitment to maintain culinary traditions and display one-of-a-kind, historically significant meals that are inspired by flavors from all around the world. Let’s look into the fascinating history of these five prominent items on their menu and find out what significance they hold:

Tiramisu Slice. It wouldn’t be right to talk about Coffee + Vanilla without paying homage to their world-famous tiramisu slice; it’s a little piece of heaven that takes your taste buds on a journey across the picturesque landscapes of Italy. Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert that has its roots in the region of Veneto. It is characterized by its delicate layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso, mascarpone cheese that is smooth and velvety, and a dusting of cocoa powder. At Coffee + Vanilla, the highly trained pastry chefs make each slice with the highest care and precision, resulting in a symphony of tastes that mesmerize the senses. Jennifer Liu describes the Tiramisu Slice as an “incredible” innovation because it strikes the ideal balance between the extravagance of coffee-infused mascarpone and the lusciousness of mascarpone.

Belgian Sugar Waffle. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will take you to the very center of Belgium with Coffee + Vanilla’s world-famous Belgian Sugar Waffle. This delectable confection strikes the ideal mix between crispiness and chewiness, paying respect to the cherished waffle tradition that this country has upheld for generations. Each bite exposes a symphony of flavors, as the sugary covering that has been caramelized adds to the interior’s light and airy texture. The Belgian Sugar Waffle at Coffee + Vanilla is a tribute to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity. Served with a dusting of powdered sugar and complimented by a dollop of exquisite whipped cream, the Belgian Sugar Waffle is the perfect example of this commitment. According to the fervent assertions of Sarah M., “The Belgian Sugar Waffle is an absolute necessity to sample!” It is a flawless representation of the spirit of Belgium.”

Avocado Toast. The Avocado Toast at Coffee + Vanilla is a wonderful treat, especially for those who are looking for a breakfast option that is both wholesome and nourishing. This dish features a medley of ingredients such as spinach, tomato, and cheddar cheese, topped with a fresh avocado paste. It is made with multigrain bread, providing an explosion of flavors and sensations – the bread is enhanced by the earthy flavor of the avocado, which is a perfect complement to the bread’s earthy flavor. The tanginess of the tomato and the richness of the cheese boost the overall experience. Indulge in this time-honored classic that has become a favorite among diners who are concerned about their health as it exemplifies the ideal combination of straightforwardness and flavor.

Matcha Latte. This drink has a velvety smooth texture. Matcha Latte from Coffee + Vanilla is a delicious way to honor the long-standing customs of Japan. This beverage is a celebration of the art of tea-making, as it was crafted with 100% organic stone-ground Japanese green tea leaves. These leaves were farmed and processed in Nishio city, which is located in the Aichi prefecture. Matcha, known for its emerald green color and distinct flavor profile, strikes a balance between the earthiness of green tea and the sweetness of sugar. Savor the rich cultural heritage representative of this beverage while sipping on a Matcha Latte skilfully prepared by the baristas at Coffee + Vanilla.

Ham and Bocconcini Panini. With Coffee + Vanilla’s Ham and Bocconcini Panini, you may indulge in a lunch option that is both delicious and flavorful. This mouthwatering dish is a beautiful take on the time-honored combination of rosemary ham, creamy bocconcini cheese, crisp spinach, and ripe tomato. The panini provides a warm and melty sensation that is both comfortable and savory. It is made by grilling ingredients atop artisan bread until they reach perfection. You’ll be able to appreciate the balanced combination of different textures and the interplay of savory and sour undertones with every bite. This panini is a demonstration of Coffee + Vanilla’s dedication to producing enhanced versions of comfort cuisine that excite the taste buds.

Coffee + Vanilla Café and Restaurant continue to amaze customers because of its expansive menu that offers a wide variety of options to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. This culinary haven has something to offer everyone, whether they are looking for a savory lunch option like the Ham and Bocconcini Panini, a cultural experience through the Matcha Latte, a sweet indulgence like the Tiramisu Slice or Belgian Sugar Waffle, a nutritious and satisfying breakfast option like Avocado Toast, or a sweet indulgence like the Tiramisu Slice or Belgian Sugar Waffle.


The Coffee + Vanilla Café and Restaurant in Coquitlam is a shining example of gastronomic mastery; it provides a beguiling experience that brings together scrumptious flavors, friendly service, and a lengthy and illustrious heritage of culinary customs and practices. Coffee + Vanilla has firmly established itself as a beloved destination for food connoisseurs due to its pleasant ambience, commitment to technological innovation in the form of an online ordering system, and cuisine that exhibits a combination of timeless classics and contemporary pleasures.

Coffee + Vanilla guarantees to provide a dining experience that is beyond what is expected, regardless of whether you are looking for a warm and inviting atmosphere in which to relish an original Tiramisu Slice or desiring to indulge in the distinctive flavors of a Belgian Sugar Waffle. Find your way to 1054 Austin Avenue and prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey at a destination that places an emphasis on both passion and quality. Coffee + Vanilla Café & Restaurant will take you on a gourmet adventure that focuses on the appreciation of the art of food preparation.

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