Elevate Your Reseller Game with DBC Technologies and Win More Restaurants as your Customers

Welcome to a game-changing opportunity with DBC Technologies, where we don’t just offer tools, we empower your sales team to win more business.

Partnering with us means not just expanding your offerings, but “Doing Business Creatively” by transforming how restaurants see and work with you.

Our services are laser-focused on boosting restaurant sales, and this directly translates into increased sales to restaurants for your sales team.

With DBC, it’s not just about offering you another product or service to resell.

It’s about providing solutions that help you stand out when pitching to new and existing restaurant clients.

Imagine having the upper hand in every proposal – that’s the DBC advantage.

Our innovative ‘Bite’, ‘Detour’, and ‘Check-in’ programs are designed to revolutionize customer data collection and engagement and drive significant sales growth. They are keys to your restaurant clients increasing their sales, up to $84,000/year per 30 seats.

Our comprehensive packages, priced for value and impact. They start at $100 and range up to $2000 up front, with a $350 to $500/month recurring,

They include extensive web presence enhancement, our proprietary Ai + Algorithm + Human approach to AI-generated marketing content, restaurant CRM, email and texting engine, and much more. Daily Custom Facebook and Instagram posts anyone?

These services are fully customizable, ensuring seamless integration with your offerings, giving your team the sales edge, they crave.

Our buy rate offers a significant recurring income opportunity.

Partner with us as a referrer, or reseller selling in our name, or we’ll tailor a white-label solution aligning perfectly with your brand, reinforcing your value in their restaurant’s growth.

Ready to redefine the standard in restaurant solutions?

Let’s talk.

Increase your team’s restaurant sales, enhance your restaurant portfolio, and secure your market position with DBC Technologies.

Call or Text Dennis at 604-351-3249 or book a comprehensive 30-minute session with our team at http://yesdbc.com/reseller. Together, let’s turn every restaurant proposal AND end user restaurant into a success story.

DBC Technologies Ltd.Contact: Dennis Wilson.
Email: dennis@DBCtechnology.com.
Telephone: 888-882-1853 call or text.
Mobile: 604-351-3249 call or text.
Website: DBCtechnology.com.

Book a Meeting: https://YESdbc.com/reseller

This video written with AI + Algo + Human Approach

Voice is AI. Video production is also a shortcut for AI.

Need help understanding Ai for your business?

Give Dennis a call or text at 604-351-3249.

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