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Are you the type of owner who wants to learn to do it all themselves with Restaurant CRM and email, text, push notification and social media marketing?

How Does DBC Technologies Ltd. Do It Yourself

DBC Technology can help, read on to see how we enable you with the tools and manuals to get many more happy customers into your restaurant.

Are you the type of owner who prefers to pay a fair price for fair service and just have this all set up and working automatically, in other words, a done for you solution?

DBCtechnology Job Done

DBC Technology can help with that too. The following pages will show you how to get started with the basics and work your way up to having our entire knowledge base and toolkit at your disposal.

Thanks for staying curious.

DBC Busy Restaurant

If you could get more customers on your slow and even busy days without adding more staff…

Would you have 60 seconds right now to read and learn how?

Great, you are still with me.

We start by increasing traffic to your website, reservation system if you have one, and your online ordering pages, stopping your customers from going directly to Skip, Uber or DoorDash.

Then we automatically collect your dine-in, pickup, and delivery customer data creating a customer database for a small restaurant, of about 3000 names within 6 months.

Our automated AI assisted restaurant marketing generates $31.97 a year in additional sales per piece of customer data. That’s over $7000 a month or over $84,000 a year in more sales for you.

It all starts with 3 proven automatic data collection methods we’ve developed over 27 years helping restaurants get more customers.

The Bite, The Check-In, and The Detour

We then use your data for email, text message, and social media marketing campaigns to bring more customers to your restaurant.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, keep reading for 3 more minutes… or pick up the phone and call or text Craig Peloquin at 1-888-882-1853.

You are still with me…. Fantastic, thank you.

Here is how it all works.

Web Presence Optimization

We start with a digital facelift which includes…

The Bite

Now let’s talk about “The Bite”

This is the easiest way to automatically collect your dine-in and pick-up customer data.

The bite is an easy-to-serve, readymade, bite-size portion of something delicious. It can be from your menu or something new.

Kind of like a food sample at Costco or at most a double-sized Costco Food Sample.

Essentially, the bite is given in exchange for their data.

Imagine a small, laminated sign with a QR code and a picture of your Bite on every table.

Your customers scan the code and can…

Our restaurant clients see an average of 50% of their customers happy to exchange their name, cell phone number and email for their yummy bite.

Crazy, right? It gets even better.

The Check-In

Our “Check-in” feature.

This lets your staff instantly identify repeat customers for in-store promotions. You offer the bite every time they check in from the web or your mobile app and show the screen to your server.

The screen will show:

Fun, right?

Keep reading!

Now we get to one of our customers’ favourite features.

The Detour

The “Detour Page”

This page automatically converts customers who come to your site thinking they may order from you through high commission Skip, Uber and DoorDash, to taking a mental detour to instead come and pick their order us. This has ZERO cost to you, you don’t need to deal with drivers, and you get the customer data.

Cool, right?

You see the delivery button on your new online and mobile ordering page we provide you with, is special.

It doesn’t immediately go to your delivery menu.

Instead, it goes to our Detour page which offers them a high-value, low-cost menu item, to pick up the order instead of having it delivered.

Let me explain the psychology behind why this works.

You have the husband placing the order on his phone or computer. He clicks the delivery button and sees that he can get a free dessert, worth $6 or $7 if he changes his mind and comes to pick up the food.

Food Delivery

He starts doing some quick math. I save the delivery fee. I don’t need to tip the driver. The restaurant is only about 10 minutes away. I’m getting a free dessert for the wife; I’m going to save like $15 to $20 if I pick up the order instead of having it delivered, and I can stop by the liquor store and pick up a 6-pack of beer – which in his mind is now FREE.

Our clients find they convert 30 to 50% of their delivery orders to pick-up orders. The better the offer, the higher the conversion…and the best part…

You get the customer data and you don’t need to deal with a driver.

I just kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Any questions?

Call or text Craig Peloquin at 1-888-882-1853.

Restaurant CRM

Now, we have collected all your customer data and we start inviting your customers back and even get them to bring their friends with automated custom written for you email and text message marketing campaigns. Yes you read that correctly, we write and post all your email and FB marketing.

This is why we are called the “help you get more customers to your restaurant” company!

I guess now you want to know what it costs, right?

Fantastic, keep reading!

Remember we asked you if you were a do-it-yourself restaurant owner, or a done-for-you restaurant owner. Here is the difference
in our offerings to suit both.

Our starter kit is a 1-time, upfront payment of $499.99 – and this includes your tablet, marketing materials, online mobile ordering system, and shipping.

Online tutorials will show you how to set up and configure the bite, the check-in and the detour pages yourself. You also create, print, and laminate the marketing materials for these programs…

For An Additional $500 up front, we will do it all for you.

Web Presence Optimization

We can also help you with a digital facelift, as well as email, text, and social media marketing.

For $500 we will update your

We also Create a YouTube video about your restaurant.

And we create 1 Custom email and text message promotions in your first month and up to 2 per month included in your monthly fee.

Our top offer is a 6-month all-inclusive package

It includes everything you have read about, all done-for-you.

mailing list

Our average small restaurant that purchases this package creates a database of over 3,000 people and sees $7,000 a month or an $80,000 a year increase in sales.

I’m curious, do you consider yourself to be a small restaurant?
Now before I tell you the cost, are you sitting down?
Our regular price is $4500.

Does this sound like a fair number for everything we have talked about for 6 months?

If it does, you are going to love what I will share next.
If I could show you a way to get all the benefits of the $4000 package for a 1-time payment up front charge of just $1,500 today, would that be better?
I thought it may…

It gets better, we will even knock $150/month off the $500 monthly charge for the first 6 months to ensure you really experience the value before paying the regular monthly of $500/month.

For Canadian Restaurants ONLY, it gets even better!

Currently, the Canadian Government is offering a $2400 grant towards our complete, 6-month package.

This means, your only out-of-pocket expense today can be is just $499.99 plus tax.

Don’t worry, we will also help you through the grant application process to ensure you qualify.

Is it time to make a solid plan to Get More Customers Into your Restaurant?

Call or text Craig at 1-888-882-1853

Ask me about our other packages starting at just $250 up front and $200/month
We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt from our mini book!

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