Krishna’s Dosa Palace – A Shining Jewel Right in the Middle of Surrey

Krishna’s Dosa Palace is an authentic culinary treasure tucked away in the heart of the bustling city of Surrey, British Columbia. You can easily find it at 7500 120 Street, Surrey, British Columbia V3W 3N1, Canada. Surrey, which is well-known for its cultural diversity, is home to a remarkable variety of restaurants serving food from across the world. In the midst of all of these delectable options, Krishna’s Dosa Palace has differentiated itself as a shining example of traditional South Indian cuisine and has established itself as a vital component of the community’s vibrant culinary scene for its interesting fusion of contemporary and traditional Indian cuisine.

An Ambiance That Draws You In

Taking in all that this local hangout has to offer requires at least one visit. The warm and inviting atmosphere infused with the muted yet alluring scents of exotic spices will instantly transport you to the southern region of India. Ananda, a customer from Vancouver, remarked “the owner and staff were very friendly, and the food was great.” A further ecstatic review by a customer named Corina from Surrey exclaims, “if you like delicious food, then this is the place to eat at,” proving the restaurant’s dedication to providing high-quality food.

Decorated in a way that is unpretentious and warm, Krishna’s Dosa Palace’s primary goal is to serve food that is flavorful and robust enough to stand on its own. The focus here is squarely on the cuisine which is a departure from the high-concept dining that is so prevalent these days.

Dishes Rich in History and Tradition

Now, let’s discuss food in more detail.

The dosa is, without a question, the dish that steals the show at Krishna’s Dosa Palace. Dosas are a sort of fermented crepe that are traditionally prepared in the southern region of India. They are created from rice batter and black lentils. These are not any old dosas; rather, they are a representation of a culinary history that dates back centuries and has been honed and perfected over the course of many generations.

The “Masala Dosa” stands out among the variety of dosas that are available for purchase. According to the patron who goes by the name ‘Siva S,’ “My paper Masala Dhosa was fantastic.” This dosa is the ultimate example of a comfort food from South India since it is stuffed with a flavorful filling made of potatoes that have been seasoned. When potatoes are cooked in Indian cuisine, they are often prepared with onions, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric, all of which are commonplace ingredients. The sambar and chutneys that are offered on the side of the dosa contribute a variety of flavors to each individual bite.

The Chicken 65 comes in second and is an appetizer that is considered to have a very important role in traditional Indian cuisine. This meal, which originated in Chennai, consists of chicken pieces that are fried to a crisp and then mixed in a sauce that is hot and sour. It is speculated that the name “Chicken 65” refers either to the year that it was created (1965) or to the position that it held as the 65th item on the menu of the restaurant where it was originally served.

Moving on to the biryanis, Krishna’s Dosa Palace offers a delectable variety of options, some of which are vegetable and paneer biryani, chicken and goat biryani, prawn biryani, and goat biryani. The biryani is a one-pot dish that has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is characterized by the layering of partially cooked rice with meat or vegetables that have been marinated, followed by slow cooking over a low flame. By cooking the rice at a low temperature over a long period of time, fragrant spices and flavors are able to permeate the grain, resulting in a dish that is tasty right down to the very last grain.

The entrées are accompanied by a selection of chutneys, as well as sambar, which is a stew consisting of lentils and vegetables. These accouterments, which are typically offered with South Indian cuisine, contribute an additional layer of flavor that takes the overall eating experience to a higher level.

Support Your Community While Reducing Your Spending by Ordering Food Online

Krishna’s Dosa Palace gives customers access to a user-friendly online order page. You can place an order for your preferred meals by going to this page directly. By placing your order straight through these links, you don’t just have your meal delivered to you fast and easy, you’re also helping the restaurant out by sparing them the expensive charges on each delivery. It’s a win-win for both sides!


Whether you are a novice when it comes to Indian cuisine or a seasoned lover of dosa and biryani, a trip to Krishna’s Dosa Palace (or placing an order from them) is an experience that should not be missed. Experience this hidden gem in Surrey to the fullest by taking in the atmosphere, savoring the flavors, and participating in the history of the place.