The Ultimate Way to Get More Customers into Your Restaurant.

When “The Bite,” “The Check-in,” and “The Detour” are all used together, they create a powerful marketing plan for your restaurant.

By attracting more customers, building a strong customer database, and fostering loyalty and retention, you can maximize your sales and profits.

“The Bite” program is all about getting customers involved and growing your restaurant database, while “The Check-in” feature makes clients happier and keeps them coming back. Lastly, “The Detour” helps turn expensive delivery orders into more profitable pick-up orders, saving you money and collecting your customer data. 

All three program work well together:

Improve the Customer Experience: 

The Bite gives customers a unique and tasty reason to visit your restaurant, and The Check-in makes their visits more interactive and fun. The Detour, gives customers good deals as an incentive to pick up instead of have their items delivered.

Maximize Sales and Profits:

Each program has a different way of adding to the bottom line of your restaurant.

The Bite helps you get more customers, which means you can market to them more effectively and make more money.

The Check-in makes people more likely to buy from you again.

The Detour saves you money on delivery fees and commissions by turning orders for delivery into orders for pick-up.

What Does it all Mean?

Combining The Bite, The Check-in, and The Detour programs gives your restaurant a complete and effective marketing plan.

By using these three powerful tools, you can get more customers, build stronger relationships, and ultimately increase your sales and profits.

Use the power of these marketing programs to grow your restaurant.

This is how you effectively get more customers into your restaurant.