“The Detour” – Maximize your Restaurant Profits

With “The Detour” Page, you can make more money and collect more restaurant data. By automatically persuading customers to pick up their orders at your restaurant vs. have them delivered by the expensive apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Skip the Dishes, you can get three big benefits:

Save on Delivery Fees:

“The Detour” page encourages customers to pick up their orders instead of using third-party delivery platforms. This saves you from paying high commission fees and lets you keep more of your profit, as well as the customer data.

Keep Customer Data:

When “The Detour” page changes delivery orders to pick-up orders, you can keep important customer data for future marketing campaigns.

This information will help you build better relationships with your customers, which will make them more loyal and likely to come back to your restaurant again and again.

Keep Control of the Customer Experience:

When you handle orders for pick-up vs. delivery, you keep control of the customer experience.

You make sure your food is good and looks good, which will make your customers happier.

No more “shake and baked” food courtesy of a bicycle delivery driver.


When implemented together, “The Bite,” “The Check-in,” and “The Detour” programs create a powerful marketing strategy for your restaurant. By attracting more customers, building a strong customer database, and fostering loyalty and retention, you can maximize your sales and profits.