“The Bite” – Automatically Attract More Customer Data

“The Bite” program will transform your restaurant by attracting more customer data automatically leading to an increase in sales while building a large, high engagement customer database.

Each piece of customer data collected is worth a minimum of $31.97 to your restaurant, according to our calculations, and more than 25 years of restaurant marketing experience.

With targeted promotions like “Bring your Friends,” you will rapidly increase how many customers come to your restaurant adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars in monthly sales for a minimal investment.

It is interesting to note, $1 spent on email/text message marketing returns about $37 in benefit, yet $1 spent on social media marketing only returns $2.78. This makes email marketing 12x more cost effective than social media marketing.

This easy-to-implement, automatic data collection method will give you three major benefits:

Rapid Customer Database Growth:

Offer your customers a delicious bite-sized sample of your food in exchange for their contact information. By scanning a QR code on your table, customers can join your mailing list, leave a Google review, explore takeout and delivery options, and connect with your social media pages. With 50% of customers on average willingly participating, you can rapidly build a customer database for targeted restaurant marketing campaigns.

Increased Customer Engagement:

“The Bite” program encourages customers to interact with your restaurant on multiple levels, increasing their engagement with your brand. By offering a delicious sample, you create a memorable experience, fostering positive word-of-mouth marketing and encouraging return visits.

Targeted Email Marketing Opportunities:

Leverage the restaurant customer data collected through “The Bite” program to create automated targeted email, text, and social media marketing campaigns. Increase your sales by sending relevant offers and promotions.

“The Bite” works by automatically collecting restaurant customer data and using it to increase the frequency of customer visits, which will lead to getting more customers into your restaurant and significantly boosting your annual sales.

In a case study, a restaurant owner saw a 44% increase in sales within three months of collecting and utilizing customer data.


When implemented together, “The Bite,” “The Check-in,” and “The Detour” programs create a powerful marketing strategy for your restaurant. By attracting more customers, building a strong customer database, and fostering loyalty and retention, you can maximize your sales and profits.