The Check-In – Make Customers More Loyal and Keep Them

With the “Check-in” feature, your customers become more loyal and you keep them longer.

By recognizing repeat customers and giving them tailored promotions in-store, you get three big advantages:

Better Customer Recognition:

With the “Check-in” feature, your staff is able to recognize repeat customers right away, making their dining experience more personal.

With a simple “thank-you” for their loyalty, you make them feel appreciated, making them happier and more likely to come back.

Incentivized Return Visits:

Customers who check in through your mobile app or website and get “The Bite” as a reward are more likely to return, and bring their friends.

This incentive makes them more likely to come back to your restaurant and keep talking about your brand.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty:

Displaying a customer’s visit history on the app and web check-in confirmation screen will make customers more loyal to your restaurant.

This feature can also be used to set up loyalty programs giving customers special rewards when they reach certain check-in goals.

Convert High Fee Pickup Orders to No Fee Pickup Orders

By hanging our poster close to your takeout pickup area, customers who ordered through a 3rd party app for pickup can choose to get a quick bite for free by signing up to your newsletter. This takes even more of the 3rd party app orders and converts them to your own system where you get and control the data.


When implemented together, “The Bite,” “The Check-in,” and “The Detour” programs create a powerful marketing strategy for your restaurant. By attracting more customers, building a strong customer database, and fostering loyalty and retention, you can maximize your sales and profits.