How Does DBC Technologies Get More Customers Into Your Restaurant - on Slow Days?

How DBC Gets More Customers into Your Restaurant even on Slow Days is a pretty simple process for restaurant owners. It is surprising more restaurants don’t implement these simple sales growth strategies.

You need more customers.

That’s our job.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to go down two different lanes here on our road to a packed restaurant even on slow days.

We’re going to, first of all, increase your web presence. We’re going to optimize it when somebody searches for you on Google or Bing to be able to find your restaurant instead of finding Skip Uber or doordash.

Then we’re also going to optimize your dine in customers. 

Let’s start with dine in customers .

The Bite” is the ultimate way to automatically collect your dine in and your pick up customer data. The bite is an easy to serve ready made bite sized portion of something delicious. It can be from your menu or it could be something that have you ever got a food sample at Costco kind of like that? So essentially the bite is given in exchange for their data.

Imagine a small laminated sign with a QR code and a picture of your bite on every table, your customer scans the code and can join your mailing list.

Leave a Google review, see, take up and delivery options and even go to your social media pages. Now, our clients see an average of 50% of their customers happy to exchange their name, cell phone number and email for their yummy bite.

The Bite” leads to “The Check-in” feature. This lets your staff instantly identify repeat customers for in store promotions or rewards.

You offer the bite every time they check in from the web or your mobile app and show the screen to your server, the screen will show today’s date total customer check ins last five check ins and an animated graphic to prevent cheating.

This is what happens when we go down the lane of collecting your dine in and your take out customs.

This is also the ultimate side-kick to the upcoming “The Detour” feature as it allows you to collect all customer information of Pick-up orders generated by the expensive third party apps as they wait in line to pick their orders up.

Web presence, we also want to optimize mobile app ordering with no commissions and online ordering from the computer once again with no commissions. While we’re going through your new online ordering pages for pickup and delivery, we are collecting your customer data.

But before we go into a delivery, we have a really cool page called “The Detour” page and it automatically converts your high fee app customers to no commission pick up customers and you get the data.

The delivery button on your new online order and on your new online and mobile ordering page, it’s special. It doesn’t immediately go to your delivery menu. Instead it goes to our detour page which offers them a high value low cost menu item to pick up the order instead of having it delivered.

Let me explain the psychology behind why this works. You’ve got the husband placing an order on his phone or computer, Kids are hungry, wife doesn’t want to cook and he clicks the delivery button of his favorite restaurant. But instead of it going to a delivery page, it goes to a page that says, hey, wait a minute, deliveries are expensive costs. You delivery costs us money. If you change your mind and click the pickup button, I’m going to give you a free dessert worth six or $7.

He starts doing some quick math. I save the delivery fee, I don’t need to tip the driver. The restaurant will be about 10 minutes away. I’m getting a free dessert for the wife. I’m going to save like 15 or $20 if I pick up the order instead of having it delivered, and I can stop by the liquor store down the street and pick up a six pack of beer, which in his mind is now free.

Our clients finally convert 30 to 50% of their delivery orders to pick up orders the better the offer the higher the commission and the best part, you get the customer data and you don’t need to deal with a driver.

Now we’ve gone down both these roads, you can see that we have automatically collected your customer data and we start using this data to invite your customers back and their friends with automatic email, text message and SMS marketing campaigns.

All of this done is because when the leads are collected, it’s all put into our restaurant C R M and then our automated restaurant marketing systems do all the work to invite your customers back, which leads you to the finish line. A busy restaurant at the push of a button.